Message from the President

To this day since the creation and installation of a hand operated net-making machine by our first president, Kaichi in 1915, we, at Osada Fishing Net Co., Ltd., have continuously devoted ourselves to technological improvements and introducing fishing nets to the world.
These products ranging from floating gill nets by a knotted net-making machine to large or middle sized encircling nets by a knotless net-making machine have proven their usefulness to fishermen over the years.
We will strive to provide products that satisfy the diverse needs of the fishing industry and enhanced services based on our accumulated history and credibility.

President Eji Osada

Company Profile
Company name Osada Fishing Net Co., Ltd.
Address 33-2,Ushiroda,Ajihama,Isshiki-cho,Nishio-city,Aichi
TEL +81-563-72-2121
FAX +81-563-72-2124
President Eiji Osada
Number of Employees about 50
Established in 1948
Capital stock 25,000,000yen

Outline of Businesses

Manufacture and sales of a wide array of fishing nets
Knotless net fabric (for Purse seine net , Trap net , fixed nets, aquaculture, and onshore)
Knotted net fabric (for Gill net , Trammel net , Trawl net , Drift gill net)

Diverse product line-up
Ropes, braids, sinkers, floats, etc.


Corporate History
1915   Started manufacturing of fishing nets by first president, Kaichi

1931   Manufacturing of fishing nets taken over by second president, Zenichi

1948   Osada Fishing Net Co., Ltd., established
Zenichi Osada inaugurated President

1953   Factory relocated to Ajihama, Isshiki-cho ,Nishio city.

1958   Knotted net-making machine installed

March 1973   Osamu Osada inaugurated President

September 1983   Knotless net-making machine installed

February 2000   Eiji Osada inaugurated President


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